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         However, the inner ring of the Bearings are always mounted with an interference and such degree of interference depends on the distance of Bearing being driven up on the tapered surface of the sleeve, hence reduction in clearance is a measure of the degree of interference and contact area as well. By driving up the Bearing inner ring on the Sleeve, the tight fit required is obtained and is measured by checking the radial clearance reduction due to the expansion of the inner ring of the bearing or by measuring the axial drive-up distance



Carbon Steel of grade C20, C30 is used for manufacturing Adapter & Withdrawal Sleeves, Lock Nuts, Shaft Nuts, Extraction Nuts as our standard manufacturing programme which can very well withstand the general and required temperatures while in operation and which is as per international standards. Deep drawing steel strips are used to manufacture Lock Washers, Locking Clamps.

 In fact the steel cleanliness, proper manufacturing methods, bearing design & selection, as well as precision in dimension and specifications are the decisive factors and play a vital role in the life calculation of the bearings & its accessories, a fact which has also been acknowledged by international organisations


One of the most exciting feature is our Delivery schedule. We are always ready with the entire range of products confined within our standard manufacturing programme. Execution is always commenced immediately upon receipt of an order

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